Electronic Starter

Electronic Starter
  • A high quality electronic starter for fluorescent lights
  • Multi Pulse Start Technology
  • Soft Start Starter
  • Longer Lamp Life
  • Automatic failed lamp cut-off

The patented LEL Multipulse in the electronic starter system produces very reliable starting even under conditions of low temperatures.

The soft start of UM2 and the UM3 electronic starter significantly enhances lamp life. These electronic starters have an automatic failed tube cut-off which avoids continuous flashing and ballast overheating.

UM2 Electronic Starter

for 18-125w (T8-T12), 10-28w 2D, 8-36w compacts.
General use and extreme conditions. UM2 Electronic Starter
Electronic starter - UM2

300C Electronic Starter

300C electronic fluorescent starter for 4W to 65W Linear (T5. T8, T12), 5W to 38W Compacts (2L, PL, 2D)
Fast Starting for general use.. 300C Electronic Starter

Electronic starter - 300C

UM3 Electronic Starter

For 4-20W Series Pair and 4-22W Single T5, T8, T12 linear or Compacts.
For general use and extreme conditions on twin lamps. UM3 Electronic Starter
Electronic starter - UM3
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